Stingray Leather

A luxury leather which is a worldwide trend in the fashion universe. Its resistance can be 25 times greater than that of the bovine leather. The texture and brightness of this leather flee from the commonplace, making it even worshiped by the jewellery industry.

Ostrich Leather

Is a very sturdy leather. Ostriches have large feathers which result in nodules forming a unique pattern that inspires the manufacture of clothes, purses and shoes full of style.

Eel Leather

It is one of the most exotic and sophisticated leather on the market. The eel is widely used in shoes because of its sturdiness and softness, with light and firm texture.

Stomach of Ox

This leather, apart from being a food, after the tanning, can also be used in luxury accessories.  The textures that resembles a lace is delicate and firm.

Brazilian Alligator Leather

A sophisticated leather, widely used in bags and men's shoes. The skin of the Brazilian alligator is very sturdy and durable, with soft touch and 100% coming from breeder licensed by IBAMA.

Captive Pirarucu Leather

A light, soft and exotic leather, adored by the world of fashion that makes from it incredible shoes, bags and clothes. Pirarucu is bred in a sustainable way in several states of northern Brazil.

Giant Pirarucu Leather

Bags and clothes get a fancy and cool look with this sturdy and soft-touch leather. The fishery of Pirarucu is completely controlled by IBAMA, furthermore a source of income for many communities in the Amazon.


This leather is very common in the fashion industry. Its scales and natural blemishes transform each piece in luxury goods, becoming a desire.


Salmon leather is delicate, thin and durable, It has its own texture, and is excellent to be used in bags, shoes and clutches. Just like other leathers, it comes from sustainable sources.